"One California doctor also said he is seeing black-market vape cartridges as a common connection to many of the patients he has treated. Many of them also had been vaping THC or some combination, says Milton Teske, MD, a public health officer for Kings County and an emergency room doctor at Adventist Health in Hanford, CA.

"The one thing in common is that every single one had obtained [the vape] from a pop-up shop, or a stranger, or a friend of a friend," Teske says. "No one had obtained it from a licensed dispensary."   read more




To our valued customers:

Certain headlines describing health concerns about “vaping” and, specifically, recent incidents of injury or death. We would like to clarify the issues so that consumers and the public can take the necessary precautions.

Early research and data provided by the FDA and other public health entities, indicates that many of these recent tragic deaths are linked to the consumption of black market and/or adulterated THC cartridges. It is speculated, yet not fully confirmed, that a Vitamin E Acetate has been responsible for the adverse health outcomes reported in many of the cases. Legitimate nicotine vaping products do not contain Vitamin E Acetate.The Vapor Connections juices do not contain Vitamin E Acetate.

We encourage you not to buy black market products or thickening agents that can be used to modify products in a way that could result in the production of Vitamin E Acetate. Modification of nicotine products is not only unsafe, but illegal.  We encourage everyone to educate themselves and share with others the importance of only purchasing products from reputable sources and to never modify them for other purposes.

It is important to stay educated, informed and engaged. Thank you for your inquiries, and please continue to take the time to ask questions in order to better inform others. Hopefully, with your help, organized and responsible nicotine delivery companies can be separated from this misinformed media coverage. 

1. DO NOT buy black market products.

2. DO NOT BUY, OR USE THICKENING AGENTS that could be used to modify (adulterate) products in a way that could result in the production of Vitamin E Acetate. Modification (adulteration) of nicotine products is not only unsafe, but illegal.

3. IF you vape, EDUCATE yourself and others on the importance of purchasing products only from reputable sources and not modifying them for other purposes.

 Our premium juices contain NO Vitamin E  Acetate.

We and family members vape our juices every day. We will continue to ensure safe, quality products are available for our customers.

We want to thank all our customers for sticking with us during this tumultuous time.

Jason and Elizabeth Sykes -The Vapor Connection




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Free Sampling will no longer be available due to new FDA Vaping laws (.25 per visit unlimited) 


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