Coastal Clouds - 60ml

Coastal Clouds Co. is an ejuice company out of sunny Irvine in Southern California offering premium eliquid collections, each with a plethora of masterfully crafted vape juice flavors for you to choose from. 

Also available in Nicotine Salt Eliquid form in the Coastal Clouds Saltwater Collection

No matter if it's from the Coastal Clouds Oceanside collection, Sweets or Deep sea vape juice collections, the wide variety of e-juices they offer cover all realms vape flavors so you'll be sure to find something you'll like. Try a 60ml of this complete vape juice line up and see what it's all about.


Apple Peach Strawberry -  sweet apples, juicy peaches, and sun-kissed strawberries to create a flavored fruity vape juices that are sure to excite the taste buds with such flavor.

ICED Apple Peach Strawberry - fresh picked apples, juiced peaches, and sweet summertime strawberries with a touch of menthol

Blood Orange Mango - a tasty summertime citrus fruits of juicy blood oranges and luscious mangoes drizzled over a packed snowcone

Strawberry Pineapple Coconut (Strawberry Daiquiri) -  a rich sweet strawberry base and decorates it with flavorings of mouth puckering lime and a splash of coconut to replicate a delicious daiquiri