Here are some video's for those of you who are new to the electronic cigarettes. It's a Beginners Guide to e-cigs. This will help you understand how e-cigarettes operate, and introduces you to some of the terminology used with e-cigs and what it means. If you've tried an electronic cigarette before and it didn't work for you maybe it wasn't the right one or you just didn't know how to make it work for you. These video's will give you a better understanding of how they work. 

 For some informative YouTube videos 


Atomizer/Atty - The heating element componant of an e-cig that vaporizes the liquid.

cartomizer/carto - A cartridge that combines an atomizer with an eliquid reservoir.

Coil - The atomizer's heating element.

Drip tip - Used instead of a regular e-cig cartridge to direct drip eliquids straight on the atomiser without removal of the tip.Drip tips are also standard on many CE type clearomisers.

Dry hit - Taking a draw of an ecig without any vapor being produced.

Dry burn A method of cleaning atomizers to extend their life.

Eliquid - The fluid that is used in conjunction with an electronic cigarette.

Juice - another name for eliquids

Mechanical mod -  A vaping device that contains no electronics.

Mod - Short for modification made to an ecig.

PCC Personal Charger Case - usually styled similarly to a cigarette packet, the PCC acts as a holder for ecig batteries and cartridges as well as containing a larger battery for recharging ecigs.

PG Propylene Glycol - one of the base components of eliquids. Propylene glycol is used in many applications, including medicines and food.

PV Personal Vaporizer - another name for an ecig.

Tank - Eliquid reservoir

Throat hit - Refers to the "bite" sensation at the back of the throat when inhaling ecig vapors, similar to that of tobacco.

Vape/vaping - The act of using an electronic cigarette

VG Vegetable Glycerine - a base component of eliquids. It is also used as a sweetener in food items and as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

VV Variable voltage

VW Variable wattage

Wick The component of a cartridge that soaks up eliquid.