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CBD, or Cannabinoids are available in many forms, and can be utilized in various therapeutic ways. From vapor-based treatments, to topical solutions, and the ever-growing popularity of ingestible tinctures, edibles, teas, juices, and more... STASH CBD is committed to nurturing our mission in providing organically grown, non-GMO, and pesticide free, premium CBD products.

The Cannabis plant, contains over 500 natural compounds, eighty-five of which, make CBD. Out of those 85 compounds, there are two that are distinguished within society by large. Those compounds are; CBD THC THC is known for its' psychoactive effects, whereas CBD is known for its' non-psychoactive & therapeutic value. '

CBD, or cannabinoids, are a group of active compounds found in the marijuanna plant, yielding many naturally medicinal properties, healing various human body ailments. More, and more are we seeing cannabinoid-based treatments growing popularity in treating a number of body-related maladies such as; anxiety, pain, epilepsy, arthritis, cramps, muscle pain, insomnia, migraine head aches, and many many more!

 From the very early beginnings of cultivating the cannabis seeds, through an extremely thorough and thoughtful investigation, STASH CBD hand-select's and tests all strains we distribute, in order to have a more true discussion about the healing process which incurs from consuming our product. In other words, we believe in our product, and the true potential it possesses in making life more manageable for those around the world. We seize the oppourtinity to make believers out of those curious about our products too! Through educating, and discussing our products in great detail with our patrons, we exist only to produce positive societal changes in the realm of alternative medicine. Education is empowerment, empowerment is freedom to make chage. We hope to make a difference by propelling and stimulating thought in regard to modern medicine and its' accessibility, affordability, and the way its' made. We should not take short cuts, save a buck, or jeopardize the health of our world, in order to uplift a selfish motive. In other words, we care about the wholeness and the greater good of our world, for both its' people and environment. We hope to be a leading example in our industry, being agents of positive societal change, provoking others to follow our lead in delivering the greatess message of all, simply to care about others.

 It is STASH CBD'S  goal to not only educate the world about CBD health benefits, but also to be the liaison for those wanting a healthier and vibrant life! Our pure and innovative CBD products are co2 extracted hemp oil, which contains NO THC.