New Flavors
80V / Beantown Eliquid - 60ml

80V E-Liquid (pronounced A-D-V) is the creation of Steven Sapirof Beantown Vapor. We are 10+ year vapers, active community members and leaders in the fight for the vapor industry.


OH-FACE - arguably the most well crafted and authentic strawberry cream vape of all time. Fresh ripe strawberries really shine through with a custard after note to tone down the tartness.

Snozzberry - a melonesque-blue raspberry with hints of sweet watermelon and tart cranberry.

Souly Cannoli -  the award-winning Soul Custardy and the best-selling Cannoli Be One. Layer in a light, decadent tiramisu bridge note, and voila: Souly Cannoli. Imagine the essence of Soul Custardy with the body of Cannoli Be One, with just a hint of ladyfingers dipped in caramel latte.

Honey Mellow - Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a whiff of ripe banana (some taste it, some do not). This is literally a mash-up blend of two separate, unfinished flavors, one developed by Beantown, the other developed by Cassadaga. The incredible, unexpected result is Honey Mellow.

Bean Bags -  new, improved, reworked, refined, and remastered version of the best-selling flavor of the Rule 42 line, Bean Bags is a doughy donut hole rolled in strawberry and mixed berry cereal. This best-seller got even better.

Cinnarolly - An incredibly accurate frosted cinnamon bun vape, Cinnarolly presents a perfectly balanced blend of bakery style cinnamon, sweet, thick icing, and warm, baked dough: Cinnarolly is a gooey, sticky masterpiece, for certain.

Banana De Leche -  A complex blend focused on caramelized bananas, Banana De Leche combines a sweet, tangy, ripe (not candy) banana flavor with burnt sugar, hints of cream, and a smooth, rich caramel finish.  

Lemonem -  Remember the glazed lemon sugar cookies your mom used to make for you? Yeah. It’s like that. Exactly like that. Maybe the most accurate, true-to-life dessert e-liquid ever created, Lemonem is a 100% spot-on glazed lemon sugar cookie.