Indestructible RDA by Jay Bo Designs(authentic)

Jay Bo has done it again! From the maker of the Tobh RDA and Bambino RDA, Jay Bo Designs brings you the Indestructible RDA. This 3 piece design is made from 303 medical grade stainless steel. Upon taking off the outer sleeve, you will notice a unique 3 post design with slotted negative posts, which also acts as air flow blockers when running a single coil build. The deck also features indexed Peek insulators that will not allow the center post to spin. Now lets talk about air flow. The sleeve has two 3mm holes on each side that are perfect for those low ohm builds and there is also a single 3mm hole option for you flavor chasers that are looking for a little bit of variety. If you've been looking for a versatile RDA that's bulletproof, this ones for you.

-Stainless steel construction
-Buna orings
-PEEK insulators
-Copper 510 contact screw.

Detailed Specs:
- Single coil option for those wanting a bit more variety and flavor.
- Perfectly fixed airflow selection, the sleeve has two 3mm holes on each side that are perfect for even the lower ohm builds, (ex. 0.14ohm) allowing a consistent and even draw, not too airy!
- 303 medical grade stainless steel, 3 piece TOBH styled design.
- Hand made SS screws M2.5x0.45mm pitch 4.5mm
-- Negative screws have a flat bottom to fully grasp your wires.
-- Positive screw has a tapered bottom to seat fully on the internal post shelf, ideal for capturing your wires.
- Orings are made of Buna-N with a 70a durometer rated at 280°F
- The Deck features indexed PEEK insulators that do not allow the center post to spin. They are rated for an operating temperature of 480°F and a melting temperature of 680°F so the lowest Ohm builds are no threat to the Attys longevity.
- Pure Copper C101 contact screw. NOT ADJUSTABLE but can be easily removed for deep cleaning.
- Easily removable top cap design
- Slotted negative terminals act as air flow blockers (depending on your selection) as well as a wonderfully large area for even the most complex of builds.