NAKED 100 - 60ML

Naked 100 E-Liquid is one of the top brands in the world today, and with good reason. Expertly balanced flavor profiles are their signature, with an emphasis on sweet, fruity blends that stay fresh and bright as you vape. Manufactured in Southern California, Naked 100 ejuice is mixed and bottled with cutting-edge technology to ensure only the best quality e-liquids make it into your tank. Professionally branded, precision-made, and refreshingly delicious, the Naked 100 flavors are a great choice for veteran vapers and beginners alike.

Brain Freeze - Strawberries picked at the height of freshness, crisp kiwi, and the subtle but complex essence of ruby red pomegranate. Take that, and serve it ice cold, and you’ve got a Brain Freeze

Hawaiian Pog - Fresh-squeezed oranges, tart passion fruit and creamy guava, blended into a perfectly balanced vape that will bring the beach to your mouth. Delicious down to the very last drop!

 Apple Cooler - A terrific combination blending together accented notes of crisp smooth apples, sweet table grapes, and succulent summertime watermelons to create an exhiliarating fruity flavor laced with a cooling uplifting menthol