The Fountain E- Liquid - 60ml

The soda and frozen drink fountains at a convenience store may seem like an odd place to inspire an e-liquid line, but we think it may be just because these flavors are difficult to replicate.  Two of the OPMH Project’s mixologists managed to crack the code, though, creating The Fountain, a line of eliquid beverage flavors that are dead-on replicas of your favorite sodas and frozen, slushy drinks.

Cherry Ice - An authentic, potent cherry flavor without the nasty cough syrup taste.  We were wrong. You’ll swear this delicious vape came straight out of the slush dispenser.

Coded - Reminiscent of everyone's favorite sweet, red citrus soda. Fresh cherries and tangy citrus come together to not only refresh your senses, but also satisfy the craving you didn't know you had! This flavor is sure to become your all day vape!

Blast-Off - This refreshing blend of exotic fruits, tropical limes, and citrus soda is sure to leave you stunned. Blast Off is truly out of this world.